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A little about me...

Hi there!  I'm Caroline.. and I love photography! I started shooting in high school, those were the days of film.  After college, I put down my camera and life took over.  I started working in the hospitality industry, I became a Chef, Manager, Wife and Dog mom, and well, my photography became my hobby - 

I decided about 7 years ago that I wanted to seriously get back into the photography much had changed and I was no longer working with film or a point and shoot...It was all digital.  I fell immediately back into it, and in 2017 C.C. Minneci Photography was a real thing!!   This time I vowed to never put the camera down again.   A little about the name C.C. Minneci..well I married a wonderful guy with the last name of Minneci...and when I was little my family called me Sissy...only I didn't know how to spell it, so when I was 5,  I wrote on the back of a photograph of my brother and I ...CC and Mike...that memory as well as the photograph stay with me to this day..


I am currently a professional commercial food and product photographer for a Gourmet Gift Company and I love it, but I can't resist the human element.  I decided that in addition to working as a commercial photographer, I wanted to do a blend of the things I love, family, and funky little things you have probably never seen close up.

I have a busy studio schedule M-F and book family sessions and engagements or weddings on the weekends only - as a result I book up quickly in certain seasons - I would love to work with you and your family for any occasion...

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