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Food as Fine Art

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

So who ever said that food pictures are one I know! In fact, I can not recall the last time I was in a restaurant and didn't see someone taking pics of their food! It has become a "Thing"! I take pictures of food professionally and yes, I too am guilty of shooting my dinner plate when I am out..drives my husband up a wall..HEHE!

Well the professional photographer in me says that every once in a while you need to have some good old fashioned fun and play with your that is.

I have a good friend and her style borders on funky, and she is one on the most art appreciative people I know, well she bought a killer condo in Boston. Breathtaking view of the harbor..but with that view comes a galley kitchen with NO view. She asked me to do something fun and food related for her lonely bare back wall. Well, I got to work and came up with some fun and to her style "funky" food as fine art.

This is sample the citrus series that I did for her..

It allows her to change out the look as she wants to and give that stark white and stainless kitchen a much needed punch of color

Though these were the test runs for her final images...she loved them!

Her final images were put on 36x24 canvas

They look Stunning!!

Her Welcome Home party is this weekend! I can't wait to see what people think!! I'm not gonna lie...I love these too, and I am planning on a few more variations in the coming months...Stay Tuned.

If you want a fun and funky piece commissioned just for you...let me know!

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