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PLAY BALL...and have a cookie!!

Well it's that time of year again...SPRING??? No! Silly..BASEBALL season! I had the great pleasure of working with Collette of Collettey's Cookies to shoot for this ad in the Red Sox edition of the Improper Bostonian. SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Collette and I took the Fenway Park tour on a very blustery day in early March. The field was still snow covered and the wind was ripping through the stands...If you look closely there is a snowman out in center field.

Needless to say we were both bundled up and still shivering! It was darn cold. We were on the tour, and also doing double duty trying to get a photo shoot in at the same time...I found the perfect spot in the seats and we got the "keep up with the tour"...darn!! opportunity lost. We needed to find a way to get this image!! I hung back from the crowd and explained to one of the guides, who Collette was and what we would like to do...and that we were shooting for a ad space ... I was interrupted in my explanation..."OHH, thats great!! No problem... follow me" well, when they found out who she was..It was like we were special guests of the Red Sox. We were led past all of the elite box seats, to an elevator and back down to the exact area that I had scoped out earlier..PERFECT.

Remember it was literally 35 degrees and the wind was whipping! We grabbed the bag of cookies and a baseball and got into position. I took a couple of test shots for lighting and I had Collette take off her parka. She must have been FREEZING!! Not one peep complaining about the cold. We had a certain look we were going for and I needed to move down a couple of rows and that took me a minute...she was a super star...the whole shoot took about 8 min, but 8 min at 35 degrees with no coat...WOW! She was a trooper! We finished and got her bundled up and she gave me a hug and made me promise we would get Dominos pizza...

We caught up with the others and finished our tour...We met some Red Sox greats along the way and had our picture taken by the wall of bats...I can't say enough about the tour guides that day! They were all amazing and so very accommodating! My cap is off to them.

And, YES...She got her Dominos! What a great day!

Please check out Collettey's Cookies. The cookies are fabulous, but it is her story that is the secret ingredient!

Try not to eat the whole dozen yourself... ENJOY!

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